Our Prices

Our goal as a company is yo provide our customers with the greatest possible Detroit party bus or Hummer limo for the lowest costs possible. We strive to make sure that our prices are always the lowest possible that they can be, and we personalize our quotes to your specific trip. This insures that our rates always remain competitive, fair, and completely transparent. You always know exactly what you pay for with us, and we have no additional hidden fees. Everything, including fuel, taxes, as well as the driver's gratuity are all included right in the cost that we give you. For us to be able to give you the most accurate rate possible, we need some information from you, concerning your trip.

When is your trip happening?
A large part of our quote has to do with the current demand for luxury vehicles. Our spring and summer season tends to have higher demand, and therefor higher prices. Also, the weekends, especially Saturdays, tend to have higher demand as well.

How long is your trip?
You're billed hourly for your bus, so you should let us know the total time that you will require a party bus.

How far are you from us?
While you're on the bus, you get unlimited stops, and unlimited millage all for the same low rate. However, if your pickup location is more then 50 miles away from us, we may have to do a one time fuel surcharge.

What bus would you like?
This will depend on how many people you have coming on your trip, and larger buses do go for more money.

When you have this information, give us a call and we'll be happy get you a personalized quote.